Position Winning Teachers

KIPS takes a great deal of pride in its teachers. The galaxy of our position winning teachers is the backbone of our success edifice. The teacher is the yardstick that measures the achievements and aspirations of the nation; the worth and success of a system depend on the faculty with which it works. The teachers are the dynamic force of an education institution. An education system without a teacher is just like a body without flesh and blood, a shadow without a substance. Thank God, KIPS is blessed with self-motivated, intellectually alive, and down to earth professional teaching faculty. KIPS teachers have worked wonders. As it is said, Student is a replica of his teacher. KIPSians’ outstanding performance speaks of the Professional dedication, expertise and sincerity of our teachers.

Result-Oriented Methodology

The result oriented methodology by KIPS ensures that students pass through all phases of studies with flying colors. Fastidiously prepared lectures along with demonstration and illustration of concept, tests, paper discussions and revisions are the salient features of our teaching methodology which enable our students get unprecedented scores in the board exams.

Teaching & Paper marking as per Board Pattern

At KIPS, the teaching and paper marking are strictly according to the board patterns which help the students know their true potential.

Effective Paper Attempt & Course Management

KIPS focuses on enhancing the effective paper attempt and course management skills in its students. No doubt, these skills are an important spice in success recipe which KIPS provides to its students.

Scholarships for Able & Deserving Students

KIPS offers Merit and need based Scholarships to the brilliant and deserving students. It believes that scholarships are a source of inspiration for students and these awards further encourage talented students to work harder and attain better results in their examinations. Position holders are the pride of every alma-mater. KIPS offers a number of incentives for all those students who perform exceptionally well in board exams. The KIPS scholarships include CE Scholarships, Monthly Scholarships, KIPSians High Achievers Scholarships, Need Based, Government Employees and Army personnel scholarships.

Learning Friendly Environment

KIPS evening coaching builds on the basic concept of providing quality coaching, but doesn’t leave it there. It provides the most congenial environment conducive for studies. It creates a sense of cooperation as well as healthy completion. Students participate in quiz competitions and essay writing competitions, which is a sure sign of healthy learning and friendly class environment at the Evening coaching centers.

Comprehensive Testing System

KIPS considers testing to be an intrinsic part of learning. That’s why, our well organized comprehensive testing system is an integral part of our evening coaching classes.

Regular Progress Sharing with Parents

KIPS lays emphasis on its liaison with parents regarding student performance and learning behavior. KIPS Parent Teacher Meetings are held regularly to understand students’ problems in a better way to help them evolve such strategies which may lead to their success.

KIPS' Publications

A great feather in KIPS’ cap is its publications which include subjective and objective book series. Our books are poles apart from market material as our authors are top notch teachers having full command on their subjects. They included tips, techniques, and short-cuts to make the academic material more useful, easy to learn and student friendly. These books contain latest paper patterns, objectives and subjective questions; short and long questions. These publications are the outcome of our authors’ untiring efforts in collaboration with Research & Development Department. These publications help students achieve top positions in The Board Exams.

Central R&D and NDC

KIPS has a centrally administrated Note Development Cell and Research & Development Department. At these departments, the senior teaching faculty of KIPS develop notes, tests, assignments and books round the year, to facilitate the students.

Student Counseling & Care Department

Student Counseling & Care Department (SCCD) is yet another part of our services. The trained and experienced staff of KIPS SCCD is always available and ready to help students to provide them counseling, support and constructive help.

A Tradition of Top Positions in Board Exams Each Year

For the past many years, KIPS has been continuing the legacy of top positions and excellent results. Every year, with the dedicated efforts of KIPS team, our promising students secure top positions in board exams.