Regular Sessions

Coaching sessions for Matric and Intermediate classes are regularly offered at all KIPS campuses. In these sessions, our teachers focuses on building strong foundations and concepts of our students and covers all subject courses within due time.

Regular coaching sessions for 9th class start right after the completion of 8th class board exams. Similarly coaching for 10th class start right after the completion of 9th class board exams, 1st year coaching classes starts right after 10th class board exams and 2nd year coaching classes’ start right after the completion of 1st year board exams, respecyively.

Revision and Test Sessions

No exam preparation is complete without revision and tests. Keeping this aspect in view, KIPS covers its regular coaching courses well in time and then offers Revision and Test sessions every year. These Revision and Test sessions usually commence in December for Matric classes while in January for Intermediate.

This session is aimed at making up for any short comings in the students’ preparation as it provides the student a chance to consolidate his/her concepts by quick revision and tests. Revision and Test sessions include lectures, tests and discussions. Board oriented tests are administered to ensure optimum preparation for the final exams. These sessions are a last chance for students from other academies to join the KIPS success rally.